Who and What is Red Tomato

Red Tomato's mission is connecting farmers and consumers through marketing, trade, and education, and through a passionate belief that a family-farm, locally-based, ecological, fair trade food system is the way to a better tomato.      

We are a non-profit with one foot in the mission-driven world of sustainable agriculture and one foot in the dynamic world of the marketplace. Red Tomato was born out of the desire to figure how to sell local produce fairly on a wholesale scale. Our non-profit status allows us to innovate, create, react, learn, and share what we know with our colleagues in the sustainable food movement.



Market-based change is our primary lever for changing the food system. We coordinate marketing, sales, and wholesale logistics for a network of family-scale, ecological fruit and vegetable farmers in the Northeast. We believe in fair prices for farmers, transparency in all our dealings, stewardship of the earth, and the power of keeping the farmer's story at the center of our branding and marketing.

We are a collaborative network that includes farmers, who help us understand production, fair pricing, and what's practical; We rely on the wisdom of scientists, researchers, and colleagues who guide, inform and constantly improve our work; and we work closely with distributors and retailers who sell our produce, and connect us to the marketplace.

Our funding partners are a supportive, essential base-foundations, government agencies, and individuals who provide the stable financing so necessary to development, innovation and fostering of new ways to grow and market good food. We are led by our staff, a talented, passionate crew; and the smart, experienced, thoughtful and creative souls who serve on our dedicated Board of Trustees.

We believe in learning by doing. We believe in collaboration. We believe in adapting solutions to specific situations. We believe in sharing what we learn. We believe in farmers as keepers of knowledge. We believe in science. We believe in commerce as a tool for change and an arena for the exchange of ideas and values. We believe in a better tomato!