Build a Stronger Local Food System With EcoCertified Growers

Build a Stronger Local Food System With EcoCertified Growers

You Can Help Empower Local Community Farmers and Eat Sustainably Produced Food

You Can Support a Healthy Local Food System

You an important part of building a local food system — including through which foods you purchase, the farmers in your community you support, and your knowledge about the other players in your regional food system. 

Family farms, usually termed small or mid-sized farms, are some of the best land stewards in the Northeast. They also underpin the fabric of our local communities and grow the produce best suited to the region and, often, best for our plates and health. In reality, many of these family farms are facing threat of needing to shut down, and we are at risk that rural communities in the Northeast, and the region as a whole will have less resilient food systems and social networks. It’s important, now more than ever, to buy local. 

Red Tomato is a nonprofit and local food hub that aims to connect consumers and communities with farmers, including EcoCertified growers. The EcoCertified label allows small and mid-size farmers to make the best decisions for their farms and communities. An estimated 90% of Organic Certified tree fruits found in the United States are either grown on the West Coast or imported from out of the country. The humid conditions of the eastern United States invite too much pest pressure on farmers to become certified organic and produce viable yields. The Eco Certification allows farmers to differentiate themselves as local and sustainable while still having the ability to efficiently maintain their own farms. It’s local — done right.

Learn more about EcoCertified and what it means to you, growers, and our Northeast communities below.

EcoCertified FAQ

Do EcoCertified farmers spray? Most sustainable fruit growers — including organic, biodynamic, and EcoCertified — rely on Integrated Pest Management philosophy in their orchards. IPM uses various techniques, including biological control, habitat manipulation, and resistant varieties. The highest risk treatments are prohibited, and permitted materials are used as a last resort and only after careful monitoring. 

Are EcoCertified farmers organic? Not necessarily. Some consumers believe that if a farmer isn’t Certified Organic, then they are in some way harmful to the environment. However, the production of Certified Organic fruits is not feasible for the rainy and humid eastern United States. Instead, EcoCertified farmers take a different approach, one suitable for them and their own property, while remaining local and sustainable.

Where can I find EcoCertified produce? You can buy ecologically grown food from small, local farms at multiple outlets in the Northeast. Know and support the farmers that grow your food and trust they are providing the best produced, most delicious options that are in line with your values. Find a local and EcoCertified farmer near you!