2 Friends Farm

2 Friends Farm

Ashley Driscoll & John Irving

81 West St, Attleboro, MA 02703, USA
(508) 454-0532

Produce: microgreens, wheatgrass, salad mix, micro herbs, custom mixed greens

From the outside, 2 Friends Farm resembles nothing more than a warehouse on a quiet street in Attleboro, MA. Inside, the urban farm in bustling with activity. Community members and highschoolers work harvesting rows and rows of tiny greens in an impressive array of varieties. The space is large and open with plenty of windows, high ceilings, and trays and trays of delicious, thriving microgreens–immature plants harvested within about two weeks of sprouting that contain about five times more vitamins and carotenoids than mature vegetables.

Ashley Driscoll got the idea to grow microgreens while searching for healthier food to eat. Surrounded by fast food and wilting vegetables, she wanted to provide an alternative to her community that would be full of flavor and nutrients. With no prior experience in farming, she settled on microgreens, taking advantage of their small scale growing needs and high nutritional content. A mutual friend pulled John Irving into the picture and after about an hour of talking, Ashley knew he was the guy to help her get her idea off the ground. Sharing Ashley’s passion and interest in organic and healthy food, John’s skills in addition to Ashley’s drive and green thumb combined to bring to life their shared vision in 2013: 2 Friends Farm.

The demand for Ashley and John’s greens is continually growing as people realize how healthy and tasty their products are. Initially starting with basic microgreens, baby greens and wheatgrass, the two have expanded to selling argula, beets, chard and many more delicious microgreens. They have created a line of mixes, salads and green smoothie mixes that provide the basis of a meal, not just an accessory as is typical of traditional microgreen use. Their custom salad mixes can be dressed to taste and eaten as is, or mixed with other greens and accompaniments for a seriously nutritious meal.

At most larger microgreens growing operations, you won’t find any soil. Instead, the seeds are grown hydroponically on cotton pads, supplemented precisely with water and nutrients. At 2 Friends Farm, things are done the old fashioned way: top quality seeds are densely sown in organic soil which provides all the nutrition these miniature plants need to flourish. Speaking of nutrition, these microgreens are packed full of it, containing superior amounts of Vitamins C, K, E, lutein and beta-carotene than their mature versions. Grower Ashley Driscoll puts it bluntly: “We believe in giving people the most nutrient dense food. That’s why we do what we do.”

microgreens being grown