Our Farmers

Our Farmers

Our network of advisors, mentors, teachers, and suppliers.

A network of committed experts.

Red Tomato works with over 40 fruit and vegetable farms and orchards across the Northeast. With a commitment to quality and consistency, freshness and flavor, the farmers and farmworkers in Red Tomato’s network are the backbone of sustainable, regional supply.

The mid-sized farms we work with vary in acres, sales, crops, output, location, labor, and agricultural practices. At the end of the day they are all hands-on from planting to picking to packing to shipping.

The Dignity Deal

The idea of “doing right” by farmers and farm workers is core to our organization.

There is no formula for fair pricing in produce. Between market prices and competition, pricing is more of an art than a science.

In addition to tracking market trends and buyer requests, we work directly with growers on pricing their products. We focus on what we call the “dignity deal.”

Our first question is “How much would you like to see this product sell for?” And then: “How low can we go without compromising your dignity?” That’s it. If the price goes too low, we agree to walk away from the deal. If there’s more to gain without overpricing, we’ll shoot for that. The farmer is with us from the start, not waiting on the farm for us to tell them what they’ll receive.