Rogers Orchards and Long View Ciderhouse

Rogers Orchards and Long View Ciderhouse

Local Apples and Local Cider From Apple Orchard and Ciderhouse in Connecticut

The Story of Rogers Orchards

Founded in 1809 by Josiah Merriman as Shuttle Meadow Farm, Rogers Orchards now encompasses a second farm, Sunnymount Farm, which was acquired by seventh-generation farmer John Rogers’s father, Frank, in 1965. The orchard is also home to Long View Ciderhouse, which sources the apples for its ciders from the orchard’s trees.

Originally a diversified farm with crops ranging from tobacco to tomatoes, Rogers Orchards is now the largest apple grower in Connecticut. The family grows peaches, pears, plums, nectarines, and pumpkins, which they sell in several wholesale markets, in their two farm stands, and seasonally as pick your own.

Local and EcoCertified Apples

Rogers Orchards and Long View Ciderhouse is part of Red Tomato’s pioneering EcoCertified program, developed in collaboration with a network of orchards, scientists, and other advisers. EcoCertified verification represents one of the highest standards of ecological orchard management, using advanced Integrated Pest Management practices that rely on careful monitoring and minimal risk. Red Tomato is a food hub and nonprofit rooted in the principles of fair trade, sustainability and equity. One of its central tenets is to elevate the way in which we think about sustainable food growing practices, thus embracing a whole-systems approach that works for the benefit of all parts and people in the food system. Learn more about Red Tomato and its dedication to eco-friendly farming.

Long View Ciderhouse crafts high-quality, delicious hard cider using apples sourced directly from Rogers Orchards. Long View believes the key to producing exceptional cider is using the best ingredients. That’s why the ciderhouse carefully selects and sources a variety of apple types from our Rogers Orchards to create unique and delicious cider varieties.