Wellness Croft: Local Freeze-Dried Apples and Fruit

Wellness Croft: Local Freeze-Dried Apples and Fruit

Best Freeze-Dried Fruit From EcoCertified Northeast Farms

The Story of Wellness Croft

Wellness Croft is a veteran-owned, sustainability-focused, plant-based, freeze-dried food producer in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Its mission is to support certified sustainable local and Fair-Trade producers, including EcoCertified produce. Its freeze-dried apples are sourced from EcoCertified Apples on Northeast farms, and all of the other freeze-dried fruits come from the farmers who take the utmost care of their land and fruit. The freeze-dried fruit product labels all feature the grower.

The team at Wellness Croft believes it’s more important than ever before to focus on providing the best and sustainable hiking snacks and quality plant-based food options of the highest standards. Wellness Croft supports Northeast sustainable, ecological, and ethical growers.

Local and EcoCertified Freeze-Dried Fruit

Wellness Croft freeze-dried fruit products are made of EcoCertified fruits, certified by Northeast nonprofit and food hub Red Tomato. EcoCertified verification represents one of the highest standards of ecological orchard management, using advanced Integrated Pest Management practices that rely on careful monitoring and minimal risk.

One of Red Tomato’s central tenets is to elevate the way in which we think about sustainable food growing practices, thus embracing a whole-systems approach that works for the benefit of all parts and people in the food system. Learn more about Red Tomato and its dedication to eco-friendly farming.