5 Questions About the National Farm to School Network

5 Questions About the National Farm to School Network

Laura, our Executive Director was recently named to the Advisory Board of the National Farm to School Network. We paused for 5 questions to learn more about the Networks work and how Luara and Red Tomato can contribute!

1. What does the National Farm to School Network do?

The National Farm to School Network increases access to local food and nutrition education to improve children’s health, strengthen family farms, and cultivate vibrant communities. They do this by collaborating with partner organizations in all 50 dates, Washington DC and several US territories, to inform public policy, share resources, ideas, and strategies, and engage in creative problem-solving. They also put on a world-class conference!

2.What does being on the advisory board mean?

The advisory board at NSFN is the caretaker of the mission and is responsible for strategic planning, program oversight, fundraising, outreach and management and review of the Executive Director. We meet regularly, either as a group or in smaller committees, to offer insights and guidance to the Network’s leadership. This board also offers members a front row seat on cutting-edge farm to school programming and policy work that can help inform their own work.

3.What do you hope to accomplish in your time on the board?

I helped to organize the second National Farm to School conference at Kenyon College in 2005. At that time, most the conversation at the conference was: “Can we do this?” “Is it legal?” “How does food get into schools today?” Today, farm to school is a proven strategy for engaging kids in their food system and healthy eating. We’ve come SO far! And, even so, institutional remains one of the most complex parts of our food system. Over my term, I look forward learning more about what is working on the ground and how organizations like Red Tomato can further strengthen the work of our farm to school colleagues.

4. Red Tomato is known mostly for distributing to grocery stores, joining a farm to school network seems a little strange! What does Red Tomato contribute to the network?

It takes an incredible amount of knowledge to navigate corporate procurement contracts and purchasing. Likewise, it takes a savvy chef to match local products with cost-effective and tasty meals that kids will eat. Just as important to the conversation is the expertise that Red Tomato brings to the table – the perspective of wholesale growers and 20 years of logistical know-how. Between the staff, Advisory board and partner organizations the National Farm to School Network brings together all the voices needed to develop and implement programming that works across the entire supply chain. I’m excited to contribute insights from what I’ve learned at Red Tomato and I am very excited to bring their wisdom back to Red Tomato so that we can continually expand our ability to meet the needs of institutional chefs in our own sales work.

5.What are you most excited for!?

NFSN is one of those organizations that attracts some of the smartest thinkers in our movement. I’m humbled to be part of this team and very excited to learn from everyone around the table. I’m also thrilled to be able to prioritize the conference once again and experience all the energy and enthusiasm that this network harnesses when everyone is all in one place. And on a personal note, maybe this gig will help me figure out how to get my kids to eat their veggies at home!

You can learn more about the Network by visiting their website, and the 2018 conference at farmtocafeteriaconference.org – or if you’ve got a question for us – shoot us an email; [email protected]!