Righteous Produce | The Truckers

Righteous Produce | The Truckers

Many consumers are aware of their food as it relates to activities on the farm, and the grocery store, but the journey between the two can be a big mystery.

“The last mile problem” – How do we get the product from warehouse or store to the consumer’s door?

It’s unsurprising that this critical link isn’t at the forefront of most minds; it’s a largely hidden part of the supply chain. Food transportation happens in the middle of the night, with trucks picking up from farms in remote locations and bringing food to loading docks tucked away on the backside of the store. Truck and warehouse names don’t show up on cucumbers, or anywhere else visible to most of us. We might be aware of them in the abstract, as they’re clearly visible on our roads, but rarely think “this truck is bringing my cucumbers to the store.”

Logistics and Getting the Job Done


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