What is EcoCertified, Part 2

What is EcoCertified, Part 2

Art is an integral part of the EcoCertified story. Having the right images- and language- to support our growers in communicating their dedication to sustainable growing practices in a way that is not only easy for consumers to relate to but also brief enough to fit on produce containers has been an ever-evolving process which has culminated in our new EcoCertified logo. Although, the search for the best packaging continues. 

In the beginning, there was the Born and Raised Here campaign. Even then, our mission was to support regionally appropriate local. 

Red Tomato’s original “Born and Raised Here” apple totes. This design features the images of a peach and a tomato and the older (no longer in use) Red Tomato logo.
The color scheme seen on the front of this packaging carries over to the side panel where consumers could read all about what it meant to be a Red Tomato grower.














In 2005, Red Tomato launched the Eco Apple program. This was the predecessor of today’s rigorously science-based protocol used by EcoCertified growers. Red Tomato hired a famous illustrator, Anthony Russo and he generously created a series of farm illustrations for us to use. This first tote bag, which appeared in a national supermarket chain had Anthony’s artwork on it.

Artist Anthony Russo’s artwork showing stylized orchard harvest on paper apple totes and polybags.
Russo’s art on printed point of sale materials on display in a store’s produce department.











Red Tomato’s logo was redesigned in 2014. And, to ensure the Eco Apple program stayed as fresh as its name, that logo was also updated and given the tag line “Local Done Right!” in 2015. The team at Red Tomato felt the two images should complement each other and so, the same color and font scheme was chosen.

New Red Tomato and Eco Apple logos featured on paper apple totes alongside Anthony Russo’s artwork.
New Red Tomato and Eco Apple logo on polybags, still featuring Russo’s artwork.











When Red Tomato partnered up with Whole Foods to sell Eco Certified peaches and apples, another redesign was necessary. Since we could now use our logo on pouches that would be displayed amongst other pouches, all in color, we came up with a more fresh and earthy look for the design. This added more life to the apple or peach graphic.

The redesigned Eco Apple pouch for vibrant display on Whole Foods shelves.
The redesigned Eco Peach pouch for vibrant display on Whole Foods shelves.










The new EcoCertified logo was developed earlier in 2022 with a stronger focus on sustainable growing practices, caring for the land, supports soil health, innovation and the ability to respond to change. 

The newly redesigned EcoCertified logo focuses on our, and our grower’s, commitment to the most sustainable tree fruit production practices in the Northeast.