A rigorous, ecology-based farming and certification program that supports local farmers.

Eco-certified Fruit is Local Done Right

Over 93% of certified organic apples sold in the US come from the Pacific Northwest, where the organic production protocol was developed and is a good fit for the regional climate. But tree fruit growers in the Northeast face more than sixty species of damaging insects, twice as many diseases, and a much wetter climate compared to the West Coast – making certified organic production incredibly challenging.

The Eco program is a collaboration between growers and scientists dedicated to finding the most ecologically-friendly way possible to grow wholesale tree fruit in our region. Eco-certified apples, peaches and stone fruits offer you a way to support farmers right here in the Northeast and eat sustainably-grown, delicious fruit you can feel good about. 

"We surveyed bees in conventional and Eco Apple orchards and found a striking difference between the two... the Eco Apple orchards host many more species, and many more individual wild bees."

— Dr. Bryan Danforth, Cornell University

1400 acres of Eco-certified fruit in Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Vermont & Pennsylvania

“We want to have a sustainable orchard where the good bugs thrive and the bad bugs die. We want to be sure that our kids, our neighbor’s kids, and our customer’s kids are healthy when it is all said and done.”

— Andy Orbaker, Orbaker Fruit Farm

Apples, peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots & plums