A rigorous, ecology-based farming and certification program that supports local farmers.

Eco-certified Fruit is Local Done Right

The Eco program is a collaboration between growers and scientists dedicated to finding the most ecologically-friendly way possible to grow wholesale tree fruit in our region. Eco-certified apples, peaches and stone fruits offer you a way to support farmers right here in the Northeast andeat sustainably-grown, delicious fruit you can feel good about. 

IPM standards allow for the flexibility and creativity needed to develop region-appropriate growing practices without sacrificing the integrity of our environment. The Eco program builds on decades of work to develop a protocol comprising the most advanced of those practices, specific for the Northeast, and supports growers working to take care of our planet. 

Red Tomato manages the Eco program and works on behalf of the grower network to market and distribute fruit grown under the certification. The IPM Institute of North America administers the growing protocol and conducts annual audits.  Every three years, each orchard is also inspected by an independent third party specialists, Apple Leaf.  The protocol is reviewed and updated each year by growers, science advisors, and the IPM Institute, to keep pace with the most progressive growing practices and new research.

"We surveyed bees in conventional and Eco Apple orchards and found a striking difference between the two... the Eco Apple orchards host many more species, and many more individual wild bees."

— Dr. Bryan Danforth, Cornell University

1400 acres of Eco-certified fruit in Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Vermont & Pennsylvania

Blue Hills Orchard • Lyman Orchards • Rogers Orchard • Clark Brothers Orchard • Champlain Orchards • Scott Farm Orchard • Fishkill Farms • Indian Ladder Farms • Mead Orchards • Schlegel Fruit Farm • Ricker Hill Orchards • Cooper Farms

“We want to have a sustainable orchard where the good bugs thrive and the bad bugs die. We want to be sure that our kids, our neighbor’s kids, and our customer’s kids are healthy when it is all said and done.”

— Andy Orbaker, Orbaker Fruit Farm

Apples, peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots & plums