These little fruits are packed with great flavor and big health benefits.

Adored worldwide, grapes are a versatile berry used for eating fresh, jams, raisins, and of course wine. High in antioxidants and other health-supportive phytonutrients, grapes have been shown to benefit almost all of the body’s systems. Yeast occurs naturally on the skins of grapes which led to their use in wine, and the resulting spread of the fruit across the world. Now grown on every continent except Antarctica, grapes were originally domesticated in ancient Persia. There are now about 60 different species of grape, and within these species there are thousands of varieties. A delicious and healthy snack, several of these varieties are produced by Red Tomato grower Clark Brothers Orchards.

Mars: A vigorous blue seedless grape, Mars grapes have thick skins and a mild flavor. Cold-hardy and disease-resistant, these grapes are an excellent variety for the Northeast, and make excellent pies and preserves.

Jupiter: Large and firm red grapes on medium-sized clusters, Jupiter has an excellent rich flavor. They have thin and crisp skins and are usually seedless. These grapes are delicious when eaten fresh.

Marquis: These grapes are large, round, and green berries that come in large and compact clusters. Starting with a mild, fruity flavor when first ripe, they become stronger the longer they stay on the vine.

Vanessa: Vanessa grapes are a red grape of excellent quality, medium sized berries with a firm and crisp texture. A mild and fruity flavor, these grapes are the most popular varieties at the Clark Brothers Orchard farmstand.


Store grapes in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to one week.