Michael Rozyne

Michael Rozyne

Meet Michael!

Founder of Red Tomato

It’s the promise of great flavor in a summer peach that gets me out of bed in the morning — that and the privilege of working closely with farmers who know how to grow them (no easy feat!). My talent and drive has been putting the whole thing together so that the great piece of fruit reaches the customer in primo condition, leaving the farmer with sufficient money in their pocket and a sense of pride.


Why Red Tomato?

I started Red Tomato in 1997, working in a donated downstairs office inside the fair trade company Equal Exchange, where I worked the previous dozen years as a co-founder and marketing manager. I wanted the spirit and principles of fair trade to live on as part of Red Tomato, but I wanted to be working with local farmers and with fresh fruits and vegetables.


What makes Michael, Michael?

I was a teenage entomologist. I had an extensive collection with hundreds of “bugs” pinned, identified, labeled, and on display. When I applied to Bowdoin College for early admission, they were searching for “real individuals,” inviting unusual evidence. I sent in photographs of my insect collection. They accepted me.


When it comes to food and cooking…

My wife, Kimberly, is a magnificent cook. She’s always finding new recipes to try, and she keeps decades of extensive notes on how to improve the dish for next time, and who was with us each time she served it. I like to cook. However, I have migrated into the role of sous chef and salad chef. I grow the vegetable ingredients, and I slice and dice them. I make regular breakfasts and plenty of lunches. But our dinner system works better when Kimberly is cooking and I’m prepping.