Cooper Farms

Cooper Farms

Chris and Sue Cooper


EcoCertified Apples

Located on approximately 1000 acres in a beautiful part of inland Maine, Chris and Sue Cooper are one of the largest wholesale apple growers in the region. With the help of their daughter Karen, office manager Corinne and a robust seasonal crew, they grow and distribute nearly 400,000 boxes of apples each year, to retailers like Roche Brothers and Publix. A quarter of their land is dedicated to the beloved Honeycrisp, with a diverse mix in the rest of the orchard, including classics like McIntosh and Paula Reds. They’re also popular with locals for their farm stand ⁠–⁠ along with selling their apples during the Fall, they’re open year round with a bounty of fresh produce from other local growers and products such as jellies, baked goods, handmade jewelry and flowers.

We began working with Cooper Farms in 2019. They officially joined the EcoCertified program with the certification of their 2020 apple crop. They’ve long been dedicated to preserving their environment and growing sustainably, using techniques like mowing to manage weeds, and are a great addition to our network of EcoCertified farms.