EcoCertified Peaches

EcoCertified Peaches

When was the last time you had a soft juicy sweet tender peach? A real “kitchen-sink peach”; the kind you want to lean over a sink to eat when you bite into it and the juices burst out?

Originally cultivated in China over 2,500 years ago, the peach traveled west to Persia and was met with such enthusiasm that many assumed it was a native fruit. Once on its journey westward, the peach won over Spain and from there, the Americas. There are many varieties of peach but they all share a fuzzy skin and sweet, sumptuous flesh in yellow or white. Spring and early summer peaches are most often clingstone peaches which do not give up their pit easily and are often canned or poached. Later in the peach season, freestones take the spotlight. These peaches separate nicely from the pit and can be halved or sliced for a more refined presentation. The tremendous popularity of the peach is supported by its incredible versatility. Whether they are baked, roasted, canned, macerated, sliced, grilled, pickled or fresh off the branch, peaches are sheer pleasure to eat.

Our peach growers are part of the EcoCertified stone fruit program, using the most advanced ecological and Integrated Pest Management methods to produce delicious fruit. The orchards are certified annually by the IPM Institute of North America.

So, why does this network of orchards grow EcoCertified peaches, not organic peaches?

It’s a great question! Due to climatic challenges east of the Rocky Mountains (compared to the dry, desert-like conditions of the West Coast!), EcoCertified growers go above and beyond with specific environmental practices on their orchards. These rigorous practices protects pollinators, ensures thriving orchards, and delivers delicious fruit. Supporting EcoCertified growers is a dedication to environmental stewardship. EcoCertified is a promise for great-tasting, sustainably grown local fruit.

Enjoying an EcoCertified peach from a grower near you makes a difference for your family, neighbors and the planet. Any organic peaches near me, especially here in the Northeast, means California (or otherwise) -grown peaches shipped across the country to your grocery shelves. When the local peaches are this good — and ripened on the tree — it’s worth finding the nearest EcoCertified peaches near you. Enjoy!

EcoCertified Peaches

Are you looking for fresh peaches near you? Check out these EcoCertified growers in the Northeast, visit their farms or keep an eye out for these fresh & local peaches for sale wherever you shop!

Blue Hills Orchard, Wallingford CT

Rogers Orchards, Southington CT

Lyman Orchards, Middlefield CT

Scott Farm Orchard, Dummerston VT

Sunrise Orchards, Cornwall VT

Steere Orchard, Greenfield RI

Fishkill Farms, Hopewell Junction NY

Hurd Orchards, Holley NY

Green’s Fruit Farm, Elysburg PA

Indian Ladder Farms, Altamont NY