Angel Joins the Wallace Center Food Systems Leadership Network

Angel Joins the Wallace Center Food Systems Leadership Network

We’re excited to share that our Director of Operations Angel joins the Wallace Center Food Systems Leadership Network as a mentor to help build capacity across the movement!

1.What is the Food Systems Leadership Network?

The Food Systems Leadership Network is a national Community of Practice to support leaders and staff of community-based organizations working on food systems change. With a focus on systems leadership development, sharing and adapt ing cutting-edge program strategies, and building operational and management capacity, the Food Systems Leadership Network aims to support, celebrate, connect, and invest in the individuals and organizations working tirelessly to transform their communities through food.

2.What is the role of the mentors within the network?

Mentors will dedicate a total of 30 hours over a four-month period (Feb – May 2018) to provide 8 hours of coaching to 3 organizations. There is a long list of the types of support buy we prioritized organizations supporting people of color and what I can help them with, including logistics, finances and budgeting and general leadership. It was really tough which organizations to choose to work with, if you know me, I would like to work with all of them!

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3. What are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to helping grassroots organizations avoid reinventing the wheel by sharing lessons learned, systems thinking, & effective non-asset based distribution/supply chain management. I am also looking forward to help build myself up to do more mentorship and consulting work in the good food movement.

4. How can people get involved?

One can get involved by becoming a member of the Food Systems Leadership Network which will open up access to:

  • Connecting with individuals and organizations
  • Resources access
  • Community Knowledge
  • Developing systems leadership skills
  • Sharing and adapting cutting-edge program strategies
  • Building operational and management capacity of non-profit sector of the good food movement