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Media & Press

At Red Tomato, we’re on a mission to change the food system for the better. In addition to delivering fresh, local food from Northeast farmers our team works to advance the Good Food Movement by speaking, writing, acting as consultants, leading workshops and panels, and helping build the next generation of sustainable farmers in the Northeast.

Red Tomato’s hands-on experience as well as our commitment to exploring new ideas make us a credible, reliable resource to help understand and communicate what it takes to build a more sustainable, ethical food system – another part of what we call righteous produce!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Red Tomato focus on regional?

By working with growers throughout the Northeast region, New England, NY, PA and NJ, we can both increase supply and extend seasonal product availability for our customers. Curious to learn more about Regional Supply? Read On!

Are Red Tomato products organic?

Some of the growers in the Red Tomato network carry Organic certifications, many are certified in our Eco programs. Most use a combination of advanced Integrated Pest Management and other methods to balance ecological, conservation, and product quality goals.

Why a non-profit?

Our non-profit status allows to us to explore innovative marketing and research new approaches while paying growers a fair price in the very competitive, low-margin, commodity focused produce industry. Our non-traditional, values based model requires a non-traditional organization and support structure!

What are your sources of funding?

Roughly 50% of our funding comes from government and foundation grants, and individual donations. The remainder of our funding is net income from our trade based activities.

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